H-Mart (Aberdeen) - Walnut Cakes

January 28, 2012
I was really excited about H-Mart opening in Aberdeen Centre because I was tired of having to travel all the way to downtown for some tasty Korean treats. After months of anticipation, the supermarket finally opened on January 20 and attracted hordes of shoppers just before Chinese New Year. I was disappointed that this location doesn't sell the sweet rice cake with beans (from Han Yang Bakery) I usually buy from H-Mart on Robson. Luckily there's something even better here! In the tiny food court area, there's a stall called Wellbeing Snack that sells a traditional Korean snack known as hodu-guaja (walnut cake). The price is very reasonable at $1.95/6 pieces or $3.95/12 pieces.

The walnut cakes are freshly made in a grill that looks like a takoyaki grill with rows of holes.

The little cakes actually look like real walnuts with sweet red bean paste filling and small crunchy chunks of walnut inside. Mmmm... tasty! The cakes are soft and spongy with a delicious aroma that permeates the vicinity.

These scrumptious treats are the perfect comfort food, but they usually sell out by the end of the day. Better hurry and grab some before they're gone!

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  1. Actually, about the fresh rice cakes, they do sell them! I think we were just too early. I went later that day and got 2 packs.

  2. @Janice: I know they do sell rice cakes. They have the brand my mom likes, but not the one I like! If you ever see rice cake from Han Yang Bakery, let me know!

  3. Darn I just went downstairs to check if it was the one from Han Yang, but I took the label off. The ones I bought were fresh and I remember the label said they were made in Burnaby or Coquitlam.... It had a yellow oval label on it and was in a styrofoam tray covered w/ saran wrap!

  4. I have never notice this buns until u mentioned it here! Will definitely try come!

  5. @Ching: Really?! Wellbeing Snack is the stall near the bakery. Give them a try!


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