Green Lemongrass (Richmond)

January 29, 2012
Like most Vietnamese restaurants in Vancouver, Green Lemongrass features Cantonese-speaking management as well as sticky tables and menus. But I took a liking to the partitioned seating area with bright yellow walls and simple wall lanterns.

Hot tea was complimentary with the meal.

We were given bean sprouts and sprigs of basil as toppings to go with our pho. Instead of being served raw, the bean sprouts had been blanched to get rid of the grassy taste.

I ordered a small bowl of pho tai (rare round steak) ($6.75). There was no steam rising from the bowl when it arrived. The soup was savoury, but not nearly hot enough to satisfy the stomach on a cold winter's day.

And I thought I ordered rare round steak? It was indeed a little bit rare in the beginning, but due to the mediocre quality of the meat, the texture tasted like overcooked beef — tough and chewy.

I also tried the Phnom Penh roll ($5.50) which was just a Vietnamese spring roll with Asian sausage and other veggies wrapped in rice paper. Talking about that, read my post on Phnom Penh in Chinatown if you're interested. This salad roll was very refreshing, and I especially enjoyed the thick and savoury peanut sauce. I found the wrapper a bit chewy though, so I don't think the rice paper was freshly made.

The food was acceptable in general, but I wasn't particularly impressed. With so many food options in Richmond, I doubt I'll come back.

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  1. Aww, sad to hear that Lemongrass did not impress. I remember eating there when it first opened and not liking the pho at all.

    By the way, you seem super caught up with your posts!

  2. @Kirby: The soup was barely warm! I found the noodles a bit undercooked too... But at least it tasted ok.

    And noooo! I'm not caught up at all! Still behind by 2 posts. Makes me not wanna eat out until I'm caught up.


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