Roxy Burger

Roxy Burger is a pub in the heart of downtown serving burgers daily until 4 am. I tried their tuna burger ($11.25) and was actually slightly disappointed. The description on the menu says "6 oz sushi grade tuna steak", but the tuna wasn't very fresh and had a pretty strong fishy freezer taste. The wasabi mayo was too overwhelming for me as I could feel it rushing to my head as I was chewing. Even after the meal, my head felt kind of heavy for a long while. Maybe I'm just too sensitive to wasabi, who knows...

On the other hand, the Thai chicken burger ($11.50) was delicious. I didn't take a picture because it looked similar to the tuna burger except the filling was chicken. The lightly marinated chicken breast was juicy and tender. It went really well with grilled banana peppers, a juicy pineapple ring and tangy garlic mayo. The roasted chicken clubhouse ($8.95) was not bad either. The chicken was really tender just like in the chicken burger. The sandwich was triple decker, so there were also bacon strips on the bottom layer.

Overall the food was not bad. I didn't enjoy the tuna burger, but both the chicken burger and the chicken sandwich were great. Personally I liked the chicken burger the most because the sweet and sour pineapple made it a lot more appetizing.

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