Pho Boi

October 01, 2011
I found out recently that HC works less than a block away from me, so naturally he became my new lunch buddy. HC invited me to a Friday lunch with a few of his coworkers and we ended up at Pho Boi, a new Vietnamese restaurant on No. 5 and Cambie. It's been a while since my last Vietnamese meal, mainly because I hate the smell of Vietnamese cooking that stays in my hair and on my clothes for the whole day. It also doesn't help that I dislike bean sprouts, especially raw ones. But since this was a group lunch, I went along with it.

The pho section took up more than half of the menu with options "for beginners", "just regular" and "the adventurer's choice". I opted for a regular size #14: pho tai nam gau gan sach with steak, flank, tendon, fatty brisket and tripe ($6.45). Keep in mind that when they say steak, they actually mean thin slices of beef. Everyone ordered different pho bowls, but in the end they all looked the same because we all got a lot of "steak" and flank and very small portions of other toppings. The taste was not bad, and I did not expect the portion to be so huge. Someone even commented that he should ask for a smaller size next time (if that's available).

We were also given raw bean sprouts, basil and lime wedges to put in our soup. I stayed away from the bean sprouts, but a few people who tried them mentioned that we should've asked for them lightly boiled to get rid of the raw grassy taste. Given the prices, the portion and the taste, this place is not a bad option for some pho in Richmond.

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