Doux Crepes

This is my 2nd visit to Doux Crepes. I didn't have a particularly good experience last time because the girl who made the crepes was not very skilled. She used very little batter and spread it unevenly onto the hot plate, so the crepe was broken in places. It still tasted ok, but I was not impressed. However, this visit has completely changed my opinion. The crepes were done very nicely with just a bit of crispiness. My favourite is the butter and sugar ($4.25), a simple and tasty choice. There was icing sugar dusted on the outside, as well as melted white sugar on the inside.

I also tried the lunch special ($10) which is a savoury crepe with cajun chicken and melted cheese, topped with a spoonful of tomato salsa. It looked a lot bigger than the sweet crepe because of all the chicken meat stuffed inside. I tend to prefer sweet crepes, but I think this would be a great choice for lunch.

I got a small latte ($2.95) and was surprised that it was quite smooth with a creamy foam top. The cup read Lavazza, so I'm assuming that's the brand of coffee used.

The crepes were served nice and hot with just the right amount of filling, and the latte was silky smooth with a fragrant coffee aroma. I will keep this place in mind if I ever want a sweet snack and some caffeine.

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  1. Lavazza! They were shown in The Sopranos during their trip to Italy. I use that brand for my moka pot, to make espresso.

  2. Lol I remember when I was on the Norwegian Epic, the specialty coffee drinks there featured Lavazza as well. Talking about that, I should really post about my cruises.

  3. I got a living social coupon thing for this place! The savoury one looks delish, though like you, I'm a fan of the sweet ones hahaha

  4. I know! It's not that I don't find the savoury ones tasty, but they just don't hold the same appeal as the sweet ones :)


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