Misoya 味噌屋

October 08, 2011
Misoya is a small ramen and sushi shop located in a strip mall near Aberdeen Centre. It looks like a small family business run by a husband and wife team. I purchased a deal voucher for $6.50 which includes a ramen combo with a choice of gyoza or California roll. There were a number of different ramen soup bases to choose from as well. I opted for shio (salt) ramen, but the soup turned out to be extremely oily. In fact, every time I took a short break from eating, a film of oil would start to form across the top. The flavours were definitively Chinese, probably due to the fact that the store is run by a Chinese couple. One thing I did enjoy was the boiled egg as it was marinated and not just cooked in water. The chashu was also quite good; it was tender and lean.

The gyoza was more like Chinese potstickers, and there was an odd distinctive taste that I couldn't quite put my finger on. I didn't find the taste very pleasant though, so I only had a few of these.

The wife owner was friendly and refilled our tea promptly throughout the meal. I really want to like this place, but unfortunately the food is just not good enough to prompt a return visit.

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  1. Yes! the egg there is good. My friend who lived in Japan actually said their noodles are the closest to the real traditional ones in Japan. Can't say this for myself though.. They lady there is Chinese, but she lived in Japan for many years apparently.

  2. Ahhh that's interesting. The ramen was ok, but I found it very Chinese in flavour (especially the spicy miso soup base). I actually also tried the California roll, and it was very much below par.


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