Delicious Cuisine 一品怪廚

August 01, 2011
Delicious Cuisine is a Chinese restaurant connected to Zephyr and Tri-Pot. I've been here before, but with all the food options available in Richmond, it's easy to forget about a place like this. The food is quite good, but there's also nothing special about it. We came for lunch at around 1:30 pm and the place was relatively empty. I've always enjoyed the noodle soup with beef brisket and tomato (番茄牛肉麵) ($6.95). The soup was rich and savoury as usual and the beef was tender.

The pork and cabbage dumplings (高麗菜豬肉水餃) ($6.95) didn't look very nice, but they were quite delicious with black vinegar.

Xiao long bao (小籠包) ($5.50) was listed on the menu as Shanghai style steamed dumplings. They were all different sizes, so the presentation was a bit messy. They tasted alright, but I found that there wasn't a lot of soup inside.

For dessert we had the deep fried taro and yam cake (香芋蕃薯餅) ($3.75). The yam was combined with glutinous rice to create a soft and chewy cake with a crispy deep fried exterior. The filling was a paste of mashed taro. The thing didn't taste bad, but it failed as a dessert. Neither the yam cake nor the taro filling was sweet, and the shell was a bit too hard.

Although there were a few little issues with some of the dishes, the food was generally decent and well-priced. I also enjoyed the quiet and relaxing ambiance. I would come back to try some of the other dishes.

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  1. Seems like this place has a home-made kind of feel to it? Well, home made or not, if the shao long bao are dry inside, that's no good, even if mum or dad made them, haha!

  2. Well they weren't dry, but I usually bite a little hole in the skin and then suck out the soup, and when I did that I didn't really feel any soup come out :P The bun was still juicy though, just not overflowing with soup.


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