Bubble Queen

After seeing the strawberry and white chocolate egg waffle on Elaine's blog, Bubble queen has been on the back of my mind as a place to visit. When my friends and I were looking for a quick snack and drinks, I immediately thought of coming here. Next to our table was a large sign showing pictures of various flavours of egg waffles (or bubble waffles as they call it).

It was late afternoon and I was surprised to see so many customers getting take-out. After placing our orders at the counter, we went back to our table to wait. There were only 3 girls taking orders and preparing the food and drinks, so it was a rather long wait. It must have been around half an hour before we got all of our egg waffles and drinks. The taro egg waffle ($3) had a slightly purple hue to it.

The inside was rather doughy with a strong artificial taro taste. I could tell it was taro powder used to make taro flavoured bubble tea. I really hate artificial flavours, especially when they don't taste like the real thing at all.

The strawberry and white chocolate egg waffle ($4) was similarly very artificial with the taste of strawberry powder. But perhaps because strawberry is a much more common flavour associated with childhood, I found the taste acceptable. At least this was the best waffle of the 3 we've tried.

Although I have to comment on how carelessly they made the waffle. The thing was falling apart with the top and bottom barely attached, and the white chocolate chips were scattered unevenly. Some bubbles were plain with no chocolate inside, while some contained 2-3 chocolate chips. Thanks to the chocolate filling though, this waffle was a lot less doughy than the other two.

The matcha mochi egg waffle ($4) was better than the taro, but not as good as the strawberry white chocolate. It also happened to be the most carelessly made.

There was a thin layer of chewy mochi inside which added to the doughy-ness of the whole thing.

I really should have ordered a drink made with fresh fruit, but I wanted something hot and got the milk tea latte ($3) instead. What a stupid choice! I should have known it would be milk tea made with artificial milk powder and syrup. What happened to the good old-fashioned brewed tea with fresh milk? The drink didn't taste like milk or tea; it was just a nondescript flavoured liquid.

I really want to like this place, but my experience was far from satisfactory with the long wait and the crudely made food. In terms of taste, I would describe the meal as a powder feast with strong artificial flavouring in everything. Then again, I might have just coincidentally ordered the worst items on the menu. I'll probably give the place the benefit of the doubt and try their fresh fruit drinks next time.

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