Fatburger (Burnaby)

To satisfy Kish's curiosity about the size of the XXXL triple king burger, we stopped by Fatburger in Burnaby to order one. We must have looked confused as we walked up to the food counter because the cashier immediately asked if it was our first time there. She handed each of us a menu to look over and gave us a short introduction. We didn't see the triple king burger on the menu, so we asked about it and were told that it contains 1.5 lbs of beef. It costs around $15 and adventurous diners who manage to finish it receive a free T-shirt after the meal.

We looked on as the burger was being prepared in the kitchen, and it didn't seem as intimidating as the name sounds. I quickly snapped a picture of it while it was still whole, as we had asked for it to be cut into 4 pieces for easy sharing.

When the burger was brought to our table, it appeared even smaller than it did on the kitchen counter. But I suppose the 3 beef patties would be very filling for one person.

Time for the burger oath: "One for all and all for one!"

Although we "cheated" by sharing, we were still offered a free T-shirt for finishing the burger. Unfortunately they were all out of T-shirts because of many a ravenous diner, so we got a rain check for next time. I'm not sure I would like to go around wearing it though!

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  1. I just had one last friday on Broadway after cheering for canuck's victory

    ....it is actually just normal imo

    but if you can have a free t-shirt, that burger sure now taste different =p

  2. Haha yes notice I did not comment on the taste. It was more of a fun thing to do with friends. But the burger was still better than the one I had at Vera's...

  3. Too cute!!! This was the 1/4 of t-shirt you conquered huh? Hahahaha!!!

  4. Haha I'm proud enough! At least now I can say I've tried it!


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