Michi Waffle & Espresso Bar

After dinner at La Bodega, we wandered aimlessly in downtown looking for a dessert place. Somehow we ended up at Michi, a bright and cozy Japanese cafe that sells waffles and coffee. I immediately thought of Mink when I saw the waffles in the glass display. I was wondering why the waffles looked overly glazed until I saw the sign that read "Display only. Waffles are made fresh from kitchen."

I was in the mood for green tea, so I went slightly overboard and ordered a green tea waffle ($3.50) along with a soy green tea latte ($3.75). I'm a sucker for things like latte art because it's pretty and it's edible. What more could you ask for? I always order soy coffee lattes, but soy was kind of weird with green tea... The taste took some getting used to.

The green tea waffle came dusted with icing sugar which made it look much prettier than the replica in the glass display. It also looked a lot greener. As I was eating it, I couldn't help but compare it to the waffle at Mink. While Mink's waffle was crispy with a nice toasted flavour, this one was a lot more dense and chewy. In fact the texture was like a combination of French toast and mochi.

I also picked up a couple of waffles to take home. I got the red bean ($3) and the mochi ($3.50) which is apparently one of the most popular flavours. After trying them, I have to agree that the mochi is by far the most unique and best tasting option. At first I thought the chewy texture of the waffle combined with the mochi would be too much, but it turned out that the two blended together pretty well. In terms of the plain waffle though, I still prefer the naked Belgian at Mink.

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  1. Your green tea here looks awesome too! " I'm a sucker for things like latte art because it's pretty and it's edible." <--AGREED. but it's too bad I don't drink coffee :( And soy milk and green tea does sound like a weird combination... but it's probably healthier!


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