Kreation Artisan Cake

February 02, 2011
I don't know if it's because I came into the store a bit late in the afternoon (around 5:45 pm), but the display case seemed quite empty. The place was really small, and the display case was pretty much the only thing in the store aside from cookies and other random little snacks on the opposite side of the room. I had a $7 LivingSocial voucher for half a dozen cupcakes which normally cost $2.50 each or $14.25 for half a dozen. Apparently the people in the store have already prepackaged the cupcakes for LivingSocial customers in the boxes on the far right of the display. The lady behind the counter opened one up to show me, and there were 6 assorted flavours inside. I didn't like some of the flavours and they didn't look very appealing anyway. Besides, who knows how long they have been sitting in those boxes? So I decided to add $1 and upgrade to "premium cupcakes" which is just another way of saying raspberry blackout cupcakes because that's the only premium cupcake flavour. They normally cost $2.75 each or $15.70 for half a dozen.

The raspberry blackout is a dark chocolate sponge cake with raspberry buttercream and white chocolate shavings on top. The cake itself wasn't that special, but the raspberry buttercream was really good. It was rich and creamy with just the right amount of raspberry flavour.

The cupcakes were pretty small though, much smaller than the ones I've bought in other cupcake stores. I probably wouldn't buy them at regular price.

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