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February 03, 2011
I always think of dishes like butter chicken and meat curries when I think of Indian food. So I wondered how Annapurna, an Indian vegetarian restaurant, could come up with alternatives to butter chicken and other meat-oriented Indian dishes. The answer is they didn't. Butter chicken ($16) was on the menu, but with pseudo chicken meat made of gluten or something similar. The sauce wasn't rich or creamy, and didn't taste very strong at all. I expect Indian cuisine to be full of flavour and spices, but this dish fell short of my expectations. In short, it was nothing like the real butter chicken.

Instead of meat curry, there was tofu curry ($14) with baby corn, snap peas and red pepper. As seen in the picture below, there was very little red pepper and other veggies. Tofu made up most of the dish, making it rather boring to the palate.

Both dishes came with basmati rice. When I asked the waitress if the rice she gave us was for both orders, she said yes but offered to refill it for us if we wanted more. That was really nice of her, and we did end up asking for a refill to finish up our entrees.

The butter chicken also came with naan. The texture, taste, and overall appearance of the naan was very different from other naans I've had. It was crispy and bland without any fluffy layers inside.

I found the prices here slightly higher than at other non-vegetarian Indian restaurants like India Bistro or Salam Bombay. But the quality of food was significantly lower; in fact I think it is comparable to food court fare. Although the service was ok, I would not be revisiting for the mediocre food.

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