Salam Bombay

January 03, 2011
Salam Bombay is an Indian restaurant on the 2nd floor beside Shabusen. There are huge glass windows all along the wall, and I could see Hotel Vancouver and Kamei Royale across the street. I remember this place being a Chinese dim sum restaurant at one point, and I noticed the decor hasn't changed at all.

I started off with a mango lassi ($4) that was a pale yellow colour. The mango flavour wasn't very strong, and it tasted quite different from the ones at other Indian restaurants. It was ok, but I wouldn't get it again.

We got an appetizer called the alu chaat ($6.95) which tasted like fried potato to me. Our server told us that it was something in the potato family, but not quite a potato. It was really good and slightly spicy.

I got butter chicken ($11.95) as usual, but it wasn't as good as the one in India Bistro.

I have never eaten wild boar meat before, so I decided to try the wild boar curry ($12.95). It was quite good, and tasted like beef.

The rice pulao ($3.95) seemed a lot whiter than the rice in India Bistro. It was not bad, but tasted more like regular steamed rice.

The naan ($1.95) was to my taste because it wasn't very oily but still nice and soft.

Overall the food was above average, and the service was good. We didn't have to remind them to refill our water glasses, and they came to check on us quite frequently. Prices are slightly high, but then they are located in the heart of downtown. I might revisit if I'm in the area and craving Indian food, but I didn't find this restaurant particularly impressive.

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