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December 29, 2010
Py and I went shopping in downtown today as she was nice enough to go purse hunting with me :) We didn't plan on dining at a specific place, so we decided to walk along Davie and just go into any restaurant that looked interesting. We passed by India Bistro and both of us were like "Yay let's go for Indian food!" She was initially worried that the prices would be really high considering the location, but we took a look at the menu posted outside and the prices seemed reasonable. So we went in and I ordered a mango lassi ($3.75) just like I always do at Indian restaurants. The glass was not too big, but it was quite good. I had a hard time resisting the urge to finish it before the food came.

The dish I almost always get is butter chicken because it's one of the few dishes that is not spicy at all. The fact that it's so rich, creamy and delicious also helps. The butter chicken ($10.95) here was particularly creamy. The bowl it was served in looked small, but it was actually a lot bigger than it looked! I could barely finish it.

I know a lot of people think that naans are a must-have at an Indian restaurant, but I prefer the rice pulao ($2.95). In my opinion, the rice goes much better with the sauce. This was quite a generous portion of rice.

Py wanted naan and I suggested ordering one to share. But she was interested in trying some of the special naans, so we ended up getting 3 different types: regular ($1.75), palak paneer ($3.50), and peshwari ($4),. All of their naans looked a lot more oily than the ones I've had at other Indian places. They were quite good but I prefer the less oily type.

The palak paneer is a naan with spinach and cottage cheese stuffed inside. Py really liked this and said it was savoury and satisfying. This looked even more oily than the regular naan, so I only had one piece.

The peshwari is a dessert naan stuffed with dried fruits and nuts. I had anticipated something similar to a fruit and nut granola bar, but it wasn't like that at all. The fruits were in such tiny pieces that I couldn't taste them at all. I couldn't really taste the nuts either aside from the grainy texture of the filling. It was not bad but I didn't really like it.

We were already really full by this time, but we wanted to try an Indian dessert. We decided on the kulfi ($4.95) which is described on the menu as "homemade Indian ice cream served on a bamboo stick". It was rather difficult to share this, as the texture of the kulfi was quite hard unlike regular ice cream. We had to break off little chunks with our spoons. It looked as if there were little pieces of ice in it, but when we put it in our mouths it turned really creamy. It was the strangest thing ever. It didn't taste bad, but it was just a bit odd. The kulfi stick was served on top of a huge pool of mango sauce (which Py really liked). The sauce kind of tasted like a condensed version of my mango lassi. I wonder if they used this to make the lassi?

Throughout the course of the meal, Py kept repeating, "I'm definitely coming back here again!" So needless to say, we enjoyed our dining experience here.

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