Migz BBQ

January 23, 2011
Migz is pretty much a sports pub with TV screens all along the walls. I didn't care much for watching sports, so I hoped the BBQ would be worth the visit. I started my dinner with the soup of the day ($5.95) which was butternut squash soup. It looked and tasted nothing like the one I had at Tapenade Bistro. The soup was a brownish orange colour with an attempted cream swirl. The texture was nutty and grainy; it was almost like drinking peanut butter. With that said, it was still better than the soup I had at 131 Water because it was served hot at least.

For my entree, I chose the BBQ smoked duck ($18.95) which was a half duck smoked in the pit using cherry wood. The entree included a choice of 2 sides, and I picked rice and mixed vegetables. The duck wasn't dry at all despite having been in the pit for 4-12 hours as stated on the menu. Luckily I didn't choose potatoes or fries as my sides, since the duck was very filling.

I had the cheesecake with strawberry sauce ($6.95) for dessert. It was average and the sauce looked and tasted very artificial. The cinnamon powder sprinkled over the cheesecake didn't help either since I don't like the taste of cinnamon.

From my experience, the BBQ from the pit was ok but the soup and dessert should both be avoided. I probably wouldn't visit this place again because the BBQ meat wasn't as good as I had expected for a place with BBQ in the name.

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