Max's Deli & Bakery (Oak)

Max's is a casual deli/bakery with a variety of pre-made entrees and baked goods. The large food display counters looked rather impressive, but on closer inspection I found the cakes and pastries to be crudely made and way overpriced.

I tried their lasagna for dinner, and although it looked quite small, it was actually pretty filling. The presentation wasn't that great though... and neither was the taste. It was average, and I liked the vegetarian lasagna at Bread Garden Urban Cafe much better.

My dad had the Reuben which was also quite disappointing. There was nothing special about this sandwich; it tasted like something you could make at home.

I think my mom's cabbage roll ($4.99) was the best out of the 3. It was quite small, and the average person would probably need to eat at least 2 of these for a meal. It was pretty good though; I think it's the perfect comfort food.

I picked up a decently-sized lemon meringue tart for dessert. The pastry crust was not too hard and the meringue was light and fluffy. I didn't like the lemon filling though as it tasted very artificial.

Everything here is way overpriced. Bakery items are around $5 to $7 each. Decent-sized entrees are at least $7 or more. For the price you pay, you'd be better off having dinner at a proper restaurant.

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