Magnetic Cafe

November 26, 2010
Magnetic Cafe is the new bubble tea place that has replaced the old Gogo Tea. I think it's still operated by the same group of people though. Dodo came back to visit from Ottawa, so we decided to try this place. I felt somewhat adventurous, so I ordered a hot apple milk tea ($5.25) instead of regular milk tea. I have to say... it was the most disgusting drink I've seen.

Not so bad right? Well... how about this?

There was a layer of brown gunk floating on top of the drink. I could only assume that they actually threw some apple juice in the milk tea and called it apple milk tea. And I thought it was common sense that milk curdles when combined with acid. Out of curiousity and the fact that I paid $5.25 for this, I actually drank some... Yes I know... What's wrong with me?! Well it didn't taste any better than it looked, and it was oddly herbal like the drinks sold in Chinese herbal tea stores (涼茶舖). I didn't drink the whole thing for fear of diarrhea. Anyway on that disturbing note, let's move on to the food. I got a green onion Chinese pancake with egg ($3.50). Taste-wise it was ok, but it was uber oily! All that oil was quite sickening after a while.

Luckily the pancake came with a small side dish of pickled cucumbers and garlic sauce. The sourness of the cucumbers was refreshing and saved my poor stomach from the evil greasy pancake. Sadly that was the best part of the meal.

Just like the Gogo Tea days, the waitresses were all wearing cosplay uniforms. Our waitress was really friendly, but I don't think she was familiar with English. We had a somewhat difficult time trying to give our orders, and she seemed really confused about the whole thing. Well at least she had a good attitude. In terms of food and drinks, I don't remember Gogo Tea being this bad. In short: horrible drinks, bad food, and overpriced. Definitely not a place to come back to.

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  1. Totally agree with your comments there...
    use to go there alot for the cosplay, until i discovered a cigerrette butt in one of meals 3 weeks ago......

    i am a never returning customer..

  2. ... a cigarette butt?! You are kidding right? If that's true, I can't believe they're still in business!

  3. I believe they're not owned by the same owners as Gogo Tea. Just like FlyEXB, we're not returning customers...they've been given too many chances...hahahahahaha!


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