Teaze is a small store on Homer serving mainly crepes and their signature mochi waffles. I ordered the terimayo crepe which was a savoury crepe with chicken and cheese filling topped with mayo and bonito flakes. There were some lettuce leaves on the side with salad dressing. I could have done without the carelessly shredded lettuce, but the crepe itself was excellent. As I bit into the soft bouncy crepe, I could taste the teriyaki chicken and the stringy melted cheese inside. The toppings were the same as the terimayo Japadog, except I liked this much better.

Of course I had to try the signature mochi waffle. I got the regular mochi waffle which came on a plate drizzled with syrup with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. The ice cream was very average, and tasted like something you would get from a grocery store. The mochi waffle was unique... It was quite chewy with little chunks of green mochi in the batter. It tasted pretty good, but I found it a bit oily. I was much more impressed by the crepe :)

I would order the crepe again, but personally I didn't enjoy the mochi waffle that much.

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