Kyung Bok Palace 景福宮

September 22, 2010
I've been to Kyung Bok Palace many times before, and almost every time I would order from the pick 5 menu. 5 dishes for $19.95 is a good deal, and there's more than enough food for 3-4 people depending on what dishes you pick. Typical side dishes such as kimchi, bean sprouts, and potatoes are also included. Best thing about the side dishes is that they're refillable :D I started the meal with an Asahi Super Dry. I didn't really like it though... still in love with Asahi Black!

Now onto the dishes!
Dish #1: salmon sashimi salad (along with the 3 side dishes)

I loved all the side dishes! The salmon sashimi salad was pretty typical... nothing you wouldn't expect.

Dish #2: pork backbone soup

I didn't eat the meat because I don't like meat that has been cooked in soup, but I tried the veggies and they were very savoury. The soup was also quite tasty and full of flavour. I hope the foamy stuff floating on top was collagen and not fat...

Dish #3: seafood pancake

Ahhh the famous Korean seafood pancake... I know this is a really popular dish, but I think they made it a bit too oily. I always feel bloated after eating this... too much seafood and oil >_<

Dish #4: bibimbap

This is just a bowl of rice with a bunch of veggies and an egg on top, but it is a famous Korean dish. Bibimbap means "mixed rice" in Korean, and everything should be mixed together before eating. I like the bibimbap served in the hot stone bowl more. That variation is called dolsot bibimbap (dolsot = stone pot). Rice tastes a lot better when it's hot :)

Dish #5: japchae

This is another popular Korean dish. Japchae is a mixture of veggies stir fried with glass noodles. It was quite tasty, but just like the seafood pancake it was very filling.

I think the food was average, so I would pay $19.95 for 5 dishes when I'm craving Korean food, but I would not order from the regular menu.

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  1. I needed to find a Korean BB AYCE place for a friend's birthday and I thought about Kyung Bok Palace, but the Urbanspoon rating scares me lmao...

  2. It's actually not that bad... but not good either. I think it's ok for groups though. They have soju coctails and a few different types of Korean soju. But their food is just average... I guess it's worth it if you can eat a lot? :P


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