Crepes & Gelato

Crepes & Gelato is a small cafe that serves sweet/savoury crepes and a variety of gelato as the name suggests. It also offers regular cafe fare such as pasta and sandwiches. I ordered lasagna ($8.99), and it came with caesar salad and 2 half slices of bread. The salad was ok, but the bread was super oily and the lasagna was worse than the frozen ones from the supermarket. I guess ordering pasta at a store called Crepes & Gelato was a bad idea...

I also tried the tuna crepe ($7.99), which was surprisingly good. It didn't look too appealing, so I didn't expect it to taste that great. The crepe looked burnt and hard, but it was actually quite chewy and savoury. It worked well with the tuna flakes inside.

But I think prices are a bit high given the ambiance and lack of decor. The prices are even higher than Cafe Crepe's! Might as well go there instead... better ambiance and a bigger menu too.

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