The Jade Restaurant 玉庭軒

August 03, 2010
I had dim sum with my family at The Jade Restaurant this morning. Their prices are higher than average, but they have a 20% discount for orders placed before 11 am. My mom ordered her favourite rice noodles in soup with fish balls (潮式魚蛋粉). The soup was white and tasted like fish soup, with lots of seaweed. It was pretty good, even compared to noodle places.

She also ordered another noodle dish, braised rice vermicelli and glass noodles with enoki mushrooms in abalone sauce (鮑汁金菇炆雙粉). I didn't try this, but my mom said it was good.

Next we had the apparently award-winning steamed mushroom dumplings (松露香菇餃). The skin was chewy, yet very thin and translucent. The mushrooms inside could easily be seen through the skin. The dumplings were quite good, but the presentation wasn't very impressive, so I'm not sure why they won an award. (What kind of award was it anyway?)

Then we had steamed rice rolls with fish and preserved vegetables (冬菜魚片腸粉). I liked this dish because it was simple, but tasty at the same time.

For dessert, we had steamed lotus buns (欖仁蓮蓉包). There was an Indian almond on top of each bun (except for 1 as seen in the picture below >_<), and the filling was a sweet lotus seed paste with chopped Indian almonds. The paste was semi-liquid, but I prefer more solid textures in buns. It was a nice way to end the meal.

The bill came to $29.70, which is still higher than most of the dim sum places we usually go to. But the food here was above average, and not over-seasoned or loaded with MSG.

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After dim sum, we went to Richmond Centre and came across a chocolate sale at Sears! I bought tons of chocolate (pictured below), and all for around $16!

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  1. I believe the mushroom dumplings were a winner of the CRA award...can't recall which year...but honestly, it's not a big deal...they just added truffle oil to the mix.


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