Good Eat Restaurant 惠食佳

August 07, 2010
I had dinner at this place tonight with my family. The food was nothing out of the ordinary, and the dishes average around $12-$15 each. A family friend gave us a voucher for half a chicken on the house, so we ordered 2 more dishes and 3 bowls of rice. The chicken was free range and served cold with parsley in sesame oil. The meat was quite tender and the skin was not fat at all. It was a bit salty for my taste, and to be honest it seemed a lot less than half a chicken. But what can you expect when it's free? :P

Our other meat dish was Peking pork chops (京都豬扒), fried and then served in a sweet and sour sauce with cooked pineapples. This used to be one of my favourite dishes when I was little, and this place makes it pretty well.

We also had a stir fried vegetarian dish (鮮百合炒三菇), which was 6 different things thrown together: fresh lily bulbs, celery, snow peas, and 3 kinds of mushrooms. Even though I don't like mushrooms or celery, I still enjoyed this dish. The snow peas and celery were both very crunchy, and the mushrooms were flavourful. The best part was the fresh lily bulbs. They were lightly stir-fried and the texture was a bit starchy, yet they retained the sweetness of raw bulbs.

At the end of the meal, we were given complimentary sweet soup as dessert. I think that's a convention at most Chinese restaurants. There's always free sweet soup after dinner. Usually it's red bean or green bean, but this time it was papaya and snow fungus. This dessert is supposed to be good for the throat. The papaya was very sweet despite having been cooked, and the soup was overly sweet as well. I think they used a ton of sugar, which kind of defeats the purpose of this supposedly healthy dessert.

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