July 13, 2010

I visited another bakery not too far from Bonchaz called Tartine to check out their pies. I bought a voucher for $7 that could be used as $15 at the store. I had planned on trying the strawberry rhubarb, but they didn't have a whole pie available. I didn't want to make another trip downtown, so I settled for the raspberry sour cream. The pie was $16.50, so I had to add $1.50 on top of the voucher. That sure would have been an expensive pie if I had no discount! Given the steep price, I had pretty high expectations. I've also read some really good reviews about their pies, and ended up slightly disappointed. Maybe I should have called ahead and ordered another flavour, as I found the raspberry and sour cream to be a rather unimpressive combination. The raspberry was already sour, and the sour cream made it even more sour. The texture was more like a cheesecake, especially since there was no pie crust on top. It was not bad, but definitely not worth $16.50, so I guess it was a good thing I bought it with a voucher. Maybe their other flavours are better, but I won't be spending $16.50 to find out :P

EDIT: Nov 1, 2010

I got another voucher and decided to give Tartine another try. This time I decided to get the strawberry rhubarb pie. I didn't order ahead of time, so they didn't have it baked. They gave me a frozen pie along with baking instructions (1 hour and 15 mins at 350°F). I have never made pies before, so I was a bit surprised that it actually takes that long to bake one. After an hour, the pie was already bubbling. But I decided to wait the full 1 hour and 15 minutes just to be safe. When I took the pie out, I saw that the crust had burst in places and the filling had come leaking out in the oven. What a mess :( I let it rest for a while, then cut out a slice. And red liquid came gushing out and flooded the pie... Maybe I didn't let it cool for long enough? Then as I was eating it, I realized that the bottom crust wasn't quite cooked. Maybe my oven temperature was a bit off? The pie was still tasty though, and the filling was good. But lesson of the day: do not attempt to bake the pie by myself again. Next time I'll definitely call ahead of time and ask them to bake it for me.

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