SNS Lounge

I went to SNS Lounge today for tapas and beer. By the way, SNS stands for "Shakin' Not Stirred". Guess I should've tried the martinis instead eh? :P Can you believe all the food pictured above (including the 2 beers) cost $23.72 including tax? It was a crazy deal, but I guess I got lucky. I had a $15 for $40 coupon, and I had called ahead to ask if it was combinable with their half price appetizers special. The guy on the phone told me it was, then when I showed up the waitress said he had made a mistake, but they were still going to honour their promise and apply both discounts for me this time :) The service was great, but the food was average. I'm not complaining though! Where else could you get 7 appetizers and 2 beers for $18.50? (That was the price before tax, since we had to pay tax on the full amount.) I liked the bruschetta and the sweet chili chicken the most. They went very well with beer. The wings and yam fries were not so good as they were both overcooked, but everything else was pretty good! Although I think we ordered too many fried dishes...

EDIT: Read about my 2nd visit here!

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