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March 24, 2018
Tiffin Fresh Kitchen, an Indian fast casual restaurant, just opened a few months ago on Ellerslie and 50th St, and another location will be coming later this year on Jasper and 104th St. Unlike its sister restaurant Zaika Indian Bistro Bar, Tiffin does not offer table service or an all-you-can-eat buffet. Instead it promises to deliver "REAL, AMAZING, INDIAN FOOD. Served in a unique way!" And it does just that.

When I visited Zaika, I was impressed with how clean and modern the place was. Well Tiffin is no different, and in my opinion, the decor here is even nicer and much more Instagrammable! One of the walls shows five giant tiffins, which are actually Indian style tiered lunchboxes.

On another wall is a beautiful mural done by a local artist.

And look at this little accent piece!

Ordering is done at the counter, and the menu is more extensive than I expected for a fast casual restaurant. A solo diner or a small group will most likely go with the basic tiffin:

  • 1 rice/noodle + 1 item = $11
  • 1 rice/noodle + 2 items = $13
  • 1 rice/noodle + 3 items = $15
There are also 16 oz and 32 oz family packs that are slightly better value if you are sharing with a larger group. Naans, samosas, and other sides are available as well, but honestly I could barely finish my 2 item tiffin, so I'm glad I didn't order any. And I didn't even get into the drink menu yet! There is a selection of chai in various flavours (hot or iced), but I prefer a cool mango lassi to go with the spiced food.

The staff are super friendly and although the menu says 1 rice/noodle per tiffin, they actually allow you to get a mix! For my tiffin, I chose half regular basmati rice and half saffron rice. One thing I've noticed is that the amount of rice you get depends on the person doling it out. The difference can be significant, and I think this is something they need to look into for staff training. On my second visit with my friends, one of us got only half the amount of rice as the other two. But we talked to them and this was quickly remedied.

People always say you eat with your eyes first, and this is so true when the colours are so beautiful and vibrant that you can't help but salivate before you even start eating...

I got the traditional butter chicken and aloo gobi (spiced cauliflower and potatoes) and really enjoyed both items.

Butter Chicken + Aloo Gobi

I also tried the eggplant masala, the chef's feature vegetarian of the day. I assume that means it's not always available, but definitely give it a try if you see it! The basa coconut and tamarind curry was also quite nice as the sauce was very creamy and flavourful.

Basa Coconut and Tamarind Curry + Eggplant Masala

I had a bite of their cauliflower latke ($2/piece), but didn't take a picture. It was served with a sweet and sour sauce that I would describe as a lightly spiced jam. I've also tried the fenugreek chicken, goat curry, kashmiri lamb in chili sauce, and coconut vegetables. Honestly everything was delicious; below are just my personal favourites.

- butter chicken
- eggplant masala (if available)
- kashmiri lamb in chili sauce (but quite spicy!)
- mango lassi

Tiffin India's Fresh Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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