Edo Japan - Fresh Take Concept

Edo Japan is launching a new concept called "Fresh Take" in a few select locations and it will hopefully be rolled out to other locations in the future. This Saturday (Jan 27, 2018), there will be a grand opening event with 50% off all teriyaki meals all day! You can visit one of the three locations below to take advantage of this offer:
- North Town Centre (9322 137 Ave NW)
- Shops of Granville (3004 Granville Dr NW)
- Heritage Valley (2720 James Mowatt Trail SW)

I attended a media event yesterday at the North Town Centre location and got a sneak peek of the new offerings. The event was very well organized with great hospitality from the franchise owners and the PR team, as well as all of the staff that prepared and served the food and drinks. I think this is an indication of the service one can expect to receive here in the future. Check out the beautiful ramen cake and logo cookies prepared for the event below!

One of the "Fresh Take" additions is a wall of imported Asian snacks ranging from sweet to savoury. My favourite has got to be the matcha Kit Kat.

Edo is also selling a branded insulated bottle. I got one in my swag bag and honestly I didn't think much of it at first. But I tested its insulating capabilities last night and let me tell you, this is one amazing bottle. I poured boiling water inside and it was still hot after 18 hours! Not lukewarm, but actually hot! Like barely drinkable hot! It's comparable to the Zojirushi thermos I have at home. I'm shocked and impressed.

Another great addition is the new range of iced infusions drinks. From left to right below:
1) blood orange honey - My fave. Beautiful blood orange flavour and not too sweet.
2) iced coconut coffee - Tastes like Baileys minus the alcohol! Also available with regular milk.
3) yuzu citrus mint - The mint is pretty prominent and I think I could taste ginger.
4) cucumber basil - Basically just soda water infused with cucumber and basil.
The drinks are lined up in my order of preference with my fave being the blood orange on the left. The two drinks on the right are a bit too herbal for my tastes.

One of the main elements of "Fresh Take" is the new grab-and-go section featuring sushi burritos, salads, and poke bowls. Everything is made fresh at the start of the day, so you don't have to worry about getting day-old food. This is definitely a great addition for those who are on the go. However, if you have a few minutes to spare, I would highly recommend ordering at the counter.

My go-to dish for Edo will always be the teriyaki rice. I used to get this at the food court all the time, and I guess it has become a childhood memory now. You know what they say: classics are the best! And don't forget that you can get any teriyaki meal (rice or yakisoba noodles) for 50% off this Saturday!

Samples of edamame and gyoza were also offered at the event. I was pleasantly surprised by how good the gyoza was. The wrapper was light and thin with a slightly crispy bottom, and the savoury-tart sauce was very appetizing. An excellent choice for a side.

Recommended Dishes:
- teriyaki rice
- gyoza
- blood orange honey drink

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