Japonais Bistro

January 03, 2015
I've wanted to visit Japonais Bistro ever since it opened. After all, it is the second izakaya to open in Edmonton (that I know of) after Izakaya Tomo in the South. Of course, the thing to get at in izakaya is alcohol, so I tried the sake sampler ($10.95) which included 1.5 oz each of Hakkaisan Honjozo, Wind Water Man Junmai, and Takara Nigori. It was a decent portion for sampling purposes.

The saba pressed sushi ($14.95) was quite good with onion chips, but I found it a bit dry as it lacked sauce. The description on the menu advertised "yuzu miso", but this was absent in the sushi. Miku in Vancouver still makes the best pressed sushi I have tried to date!

The pizza sushi ($8.95), unlike the one at Mikado, was coated in a thin layer of fried batter. The rice itself was like a sticky pancake, and individual grains were not visible. I prefer Mikado's version with unfried rice, but this tasted pretty good too with the sweet soy sauce and mayo and toppings of raw salmon, scallops, and avocado.

Viv ordered a bento box which I did not try, but it looked way too big for one person to finish.

At Viv's insistence, I ordered the matcha creme brulee ($7.95) for dessert. The presentation was excellent with a pretty fork pattern created with icing sugar. Tastewise it was just okay. Not something I would spend $8 on.

Apart from the saba, I didn't really get a chance to try the nigiri sushi here. Next time I'm interested in trying the omakase ($75/person).

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