HK Day 7 - Kam Wah Cafe 金華冰廳

December 05, 2013
A short walk away from my hotel was a small shabby-looking HK style cafe called Kam Wah Cafe. The reason this store caught my eye was because of the CNN articles posted outside. Apparently CNN recommends Kam Wah's pineapple bun with butter ($8 HKD ~ $1.10 CAD) as a must-try item in Hong Kong. After my disappointing experience at Tsui Wah, I thought I should try a good pineapple bun to compare. This bun was soft and fluffy, complemented perfectly by the crunchy crust. The butter was not iced like the one at Tsui Wah, but served at room temperature inside the warm bun.

Half-melted butter inside a warm and fluffy bun topped with a crispy subtly sweet crust is like a little piece of heaven~

I ordered a breakfast special ($27 HKD ~ $3.60 CAD) of satay beef vermicelli. It was a good portion and the beef was very tender. The meal also came with ham, sausage and two eggs. Very good value for the price, but the food was average at best.

A drink was included, and I opted for hot HK style milk tea. This took a while to come, but I thought it was pretty good. The tea was rich and aromatic with creamy evaporated milk.

I read in one of the news articles on the wall that the owner of Kam Wah has stated she will not increase the price of the pineapple bun in order to keep it affordable for everyone. While that may be true, I find it a bit sneaky that they have implemented a minimum charge of one drink per person. That means everyone at the table MUST order a drink, even if they had already ordered multiple dishes and did not want anything to drink other than water. I find this a bit unreasonable; why not just have a minimum dollar amount charge instead of forcing people to order drinks? I suppose a business has got to do what a business has got to do to make money. To summarize, I think the pineapple bun with butter is definitely worth trying, but the other food items are probably not worth checking out.

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