HK Day 3 - Congee and Chow Mein

On my second morning in Hong Kong, I went to a small congee store (錢江粥品) just around the corner from Langham Place for a traditional Chinese breakfast. It was a hole-in-the-wall type of place with communal seating. I happened to sit across from a 68-year-old lady who looked like she was in her early 50's, and she told me about how traditional eateries like this one have been disappearing slowly from the Hong Kong food scene. Then she recommended the chow mein ($9 HKD ~ $1.21 CAD) and plain congee ($8 HKD ~ $1.08 CAD). The congee was super soft and fluffy with a creamy consistency. Chow mein was good too, but mine had a salty patch that wasn't mixed in evenly.

We also had the ox-tongue pastry ($7 HKD ~ $0.94 CAD) — a fried doughnut with just a hint of sweetness. This pastry was executed nicely with a crispy skin and a soft and chewy centre.

It has been a while since I've had such an authentic Chinese breakfast. I would really recommend tourists to try out local eateries like this one, especially since they are bound to disappear soon.

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