Bistro India

Bistro India is a restaurant tucked away in a residential neighbourhood in Oliver, and it blends in quite well since it looks just like a house with signs and an open patio facing the street.

A frothy glass of mango lassi always comes first at an Indian meal. I always order this creamy drink to offset the spiciness of the meal to come. Unfortunately this mango lassi ($3.95) was not very creamy; it was watery and chunky with bits of crushed ice.

Service was attentive, as the owner noticed there was nothing on our table and asked if we had been given menus. But in fact, we had already placed our orders. We tried different flavours of dosa including chettinad dosa ($11.95), kadai chicken dosa ($12.95), and the masala dosa ($9.95) pictured below. All dosas were served with (from left to right) tomato-onion chutney, coconut chutney and sambar (lentil and vegetable soup). I couldn't drink the soup because it was too spicy for me. I thought all three dosa fillings were overly spicy as well.

I don't know if it's because we had a Groupon, but our dosas only had about 3 inches of filling in the centre and both ends were hallow. I'm not a big eater and I was still a bit hungry after the meal. The spiced potato and onion filling was nice and flavourful though, despite being a bit too spicy for my tolerance level.

Perhaps the service was a bit too attentive, because the staff were so quick and efficient that I felt like they were trying to rush us out. They started collecting plates, offered us dessert and brought the bill, all while I was still eating. The food was good but strongly spiced, and the portions were small. I wouldn't mind coming back again, but only if somebody else suggests it.

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