I Love Sushi

September 17, 2013
I've heard that I Love Sushi is the go-to sushi place in downtown because of the reasonable prices for decent quality. I agree for the most part, but I won't be coming back anytime soon due to bad service and hygiene issues. The sushi chef was blatantly picking his nose behind the counter and made no attempt to hide it! I was so disturbed and shocked that I almost wanted to stop eating right then and there. But it was a lot of money/food to throw away, so I just tried to stop thinking about it. Disregarding that disgusting fact, the sushi was actually quite decent. We ordered (from right to left) 3 salmon skin temaki ($3.99 ea), mango tango maki ($9), black dragon maki ($9.50), 3 hamachi nigiri ($2 ea), 2 toro nigiri ($2 ea), and 1 tamago nigiri ($1.95 ea). I enjoyed the crunchy and savoury salmon skin as well as the mango tango roll with a filling of shrimp tempura. The black dragon had too many crunchy tempura bits, so it was like eating a roll of tempura batter. The hamachi was mushy and did not taste fresh, so luckily it was only $2 apiece and not $3 like at Mikado. Overall I was satisfied with the quality of food for the price I paid.

The first time I visited this restaurant, I ordered a cherry blossom maki ($8.50) to share with Mousie. We were going to dine in, but the food took so long to come (almost half an hour) that we decided to switch to takeout instead. I asked to have the roll put in two separate boxes and the lady looked at me as if I'd just made the most absurd request, but after a few seconds of sizing me down, she said ok with no expression on her face. It was obvious that she was not happy about this. But I didn't really care and I did enjoy my sushi. The salmon was really fresh and fatty.

I'm usually not one to care about service; I'm generally happy as long as the food is good. But I have to say that this place makes me very uncomfortable because the staff don't seem capable of emotion. Even if you have eye contact with them, they don't smile... They just kind of stare you down until you shift your gaze. Their faces are so cold and expressionless that they look like they are really angry about something. Maybe that's why a lot of people order takeout instead.

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