Cora (Leduc)

August 01, 2013
I decided to stop by Cora in Leduc for a hearty breakfast right before my weekend trip to Calgary. I've passed by several Cora locations before, but I've never actually visited one.

The decor inside was bright and colourful despite being a bit old style. The paper place mats had simple word and puzzle games for kids to write and doodle on.

Since I had a coupon, I got a maple latte ($3.95) for free with my meal. I thought it was going to be standard fare like your average coffee chain latte, but it was very rich and creamy with a distinct maple flavour, and I was even a little bit impressed.

Since I didn't want eggs or bacon or any of that typical breakfast stuff, I decided to get an apple cheddar crepe ($10.75) which turned out to be a big mistake. It looked promising at first, and the portion was huge, but the filling was a soggy mess of browning apple shreds with almost no hint of cheese. The whole-wheat crepe was also completely tasteless, so I was eating wet mushed-up apple in a bland wrapper.

I also tried the buckwheat blessing ($13.45), a dish of three pigs-in-a-blanket made with buckwheat crepes, sausages and cheddar. This was a bit better than the apple cheddar crepe because at least the sausages were flavourful. Although I didn't enjoy the food that much, I appreciated the variety of fresh fruit provided with each plate.

I didn't have a great experience with the quality of food, but I really want to like this place because of the value and huge portions. The pictures in the menu actually look very appealing, so I'm wondering if I just somehow managed to order the worst dishes. Maybe I should stick to typical breakfast fare next time.

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  1. There was snow in leduc on Aug 1???

  2. Haha no... I was just really behind on my posts (and still am).


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