PC Luscious Lemon Pudding Cake

July 24, 2013
I first found out about PC's luscious lemon pudding cakes from Kirby's post. These delicious little treats won first place in the first Recipe to Riches episode, and they are now available in Superstores across the country. I've kept a lookout for them in the frozen dessert section, but I have never managed to find them. After moving to Edmonton, it seemed even less likely that I would ever come across them. I was so desperate that I emailed Superstore, and they said my local store (South Edmonton Common) would order some stock. Finally I brought home a box of 4 individually wrapped pudding cakes that cost me $6.99.

I didn't have a microwave, so I popped the plastic cups in the oven for about 15 minutes. The edges started bubbling at around 12 minutes.

Maybe because my oven is weak, the cake didn't turn out very brown and the bottom was more like lemon curd than pudding. After removing the cake from the cup, there was a lot of creamy lemon curd left on the bottom. I would have preferred less curd and more cake, because the curd was rather tart and overwhelming. The texture of the cake was quite nice for a frozen grocery store dessert. It was soft and kind of spongy, and also a bit sweet to counterbalance the tartness of the lemon curd.

These lemon cakes are great for convenience, especially for those who have no time to make dessert for their guests but would like to serve a little something sweet after dinner. They're also great for the occasional craving for a warm and satisfying snack. But in my opinion, they're slightly overpriced for what they are, and they certainly can't compare with home-baked cakes that are made fresh.


  1. Oh your oven definitely didn't have much power to them because yours were a lot paler than mine after baking! I do agree that it is too expensive for what it is so it is probably a one time thing.

  2. Seeing your pics makes me want to give it another try. I want that sticky pudding consistency you have on yours.


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