Second Cup (Callingwood)

April 18, 2013
I'm not a big coffee drinker, so I usually don't buy coffee drinks apart from the occasional Starbucks latte. I think I've been to Second Cup a couple times, but I never knew their pecan tarts were so delicious. The buttery shortbread crust combined with over-sized crispy pecans is well worth the $3.95. The tart is a good size and perfect for a light afternoon snack.

A drink I discovered recently is the honey vanilla tea latte (med: $4.10). I decided to give it a try after seeing it featured on posters and signs around the store. It's a nice and comforting alternative to espresso-based drinks, but I always ask for half-sweet since the regular is much too sweet with the honey drizzled on top.

Second Cup has become my coffee shop of choice now since I think the quality of their drinks are better than the other chains. The pecan tarts are also a great take-home treat, but they're usually sold out by early afternoon. I guess that just shows how popular they are.

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  1. eh.. was not impressed with Second Cup in Calgary.

    Does Edmonton have Good Earth? I much prefer their lattes.

  2. The drinks are not the highlight for me, I just go there for the pecan tart. In the end Second Cup is still a chain, but at least it's better than Starbucks.

  3. The problem with second cup, at least the one I go to is they don't advertise their desserts on the drive through menu. Most times I would like something sweet but I don't know what my choices are.

  4. Yes I think that's a problem for all coffee chains. They expect customers to sit there for an hour or two slowly enjoying their drink, perhaps with a dessert. Adding a drive-thru is just following the trend. But if you go into the store a couple times, you'll know what type of desserts they usually have, or you could always try asking the machine :P

  5. This is the coffee shop that I first met my fiance'. Everything was fine that first time, and we went back a couple times and things were OK. I decided to propose to my lady there, as it is a special spot to us. The staff was not only unhelpful- they were almost spiteful! Proposing is a pretty rattling thing as is, and so much worse when people are in the opposite corner. First off, I could tell she wasn't happy that I was decorating the front area with flowers- even though the shop was nearly empty. I was planning on singing to my (then) girlfriend, so I also requested to have the music turned off right before she arrived. They not only left the music on, but they even turned it up halfway through my proposal! I found this incredibly rude, and it definitely (in my mind) tainted my proposal- something that was unbelievably important to me. What I don't get is that they not only got all of the business I brought in, but free advertising as well! I'm super disappointed in them, and even though the spot is special to us, I don't think we'll ever go back- to any second cup for that matter.

  6. @Stephen: Congrats! It's unfortunate that your proposal didn't turn out as well as you had hoped, but you are lucky to have found that special someone in your life :)
    I don't usually expect any sort of customer service when I go to a coffee shop, just a nice ambiance to hang out and chat with friends. But I have definitely noticed the staff there are not the most cheerful. I would think that most people would be happy to accommodate such a happy occasion, but apparently not...


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