Urban China 潮樓

March 16, 2013
Urban China is one of the best value dim sum restaurants in Downtown Edmonton. The restaurant offers a $5 off coupon after each visit that is good for 1-2 months. The place didn't seem very spacious because all of the tables were crammed right up against each other. Seating wasn't the most comfortable, but that's a common issue at many dim sum restaurants.

Almost everyone ordered from the dim sum carts that came around. All of the dishes we had were quite good with decent portions.

The fried sesame balls had a sweet lotus paste filling instead of the usual red bean paste. It was a nice change and I liked it, but I still think red bean goes better with the chewy sticky rice ball.

The bean curd roll in soup was a bit oily, but the soup was very savoury and full of flavour.

It took a while to hunt down these big and fluffy BBQ pork buns because the first round sold out.

Service was spotty as in most other dim sum restaurants, but the food was not bad and prices were good with the $5 coupon.

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  1. Glad to see that there is lots of good dim sum in Edmonton!


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