Cha for Tea Palace 喜萬年

March 27, 2013
This post is going to be short and sweet because Cha for Tea Palace basically offers the exact same items as Tasty Noodle. I'm sure the two restaurants are owned by the same people because the menus are identical and I recognized a waiter who works at both locations. The main difference is that Cha for Tea Palace is quite a bit bigger and the decor is more dated.

I liked the slightly browned pan-fried rice rolls with dried shrimp and green onions. Usually can't go wrong with plain noodles and sauce.

I had the following two dishes at Tasty Noodle as well, and these were not very different in taste. Although I believe the portions here were slightly larger and the flavours were a bit better.

chicken feet with black bean sauce
beef tendons

I was surprised when I bit into the fried sesame balls because the filling was mung bean paste instead of the usual red bean paste. I think the sticky-chewy dough was done better here than at Tasty Noodle, but I don't think the filling goes well with it because mung beans are not flavourful enough.

The congee was light and fluffy with no visible grains of rice.

Overall I found the quality of food here slightly better than at Tasty Noodle, but the prices were correspondingly higher. So I'll still stick with Tasty Noodle since it's cheaper, closer to where I live, and the quality is consistent.

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