Karouzo's (Jasper)

December 12, 2012
It was difficult trying to find a reasonably priced restaurant in Jasper, especially at 2 pm when most places were already closed for dinner. We walked almost the full length of Connaught Drive and finally we were attracted by a sign that read: "Lunch Special $9.99". That seemed like a pretty good deal in the heart of a tourist area, so we settled on Karouzo's for a late lunch.

I ordered the beef souvlaki ($14.99) because I wanted a more well balanced meal. The meat was supposed to be tenderloin, but it wasn't as tender as I had hoped. The Greek salad, pita and rice pilaf were just average, but the potatoes caught me by surprise with a delightful lemon fragrance.

The lunch special of the day was baked spaghetti ($9.99). It was very good value as the dish was decent-sized and also came with a side of garlic bread. The texture of the spaghetti was mushy and soft like the baked pasta dishes at HK style cafes. I didn't mind it so much because it offered a comforting sense of familiarity, but don't order this if you're used to authentic al dente pasta.

Karouzo's was not a bad choice and the price point was very reasonable. But if I find myself in Jasper again, I'll probably go to another restaurant just to try something new.

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