Hanafubuki Sushi 花吹雪

December 13, 2012
Hanafubuki Sushi is on the west end of Robson near Robson Public Market. The store is very small with only 2-3 tables. A lot of people come in to buy take-out or order over the phone.

I had a TastyGo voucher that offered a meal for two for just $15. First up was the miso soup. But it wasn't just any miso soup! It was almost like a fish broth with miso to bring out the flavour of the fish.

The palate cleanser was gomae (or cooked spinach salad) topped with raw tuna and sesame sauce. The fish wasn't very fresh, but the salad was still quite enjoyable.

Next we had 3 sushi rolls: California, dynamite, and spicy tuna. I didn't think the rolls were outstanding at all, but perhaps that's because they are very typical and common choices. I definitely wouldn't have ordered them if they had not been part of the voucher.

And if that wasn't enough rice, there was also a royal chicken rice bowl. The chicken was very dry though, and I think slightly overcooked.

The meal was really cheap because of the voucher, but the food just wasn't good enough to prompt a return visit.

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  1. Soooo good! I like roll very much! Must take a big try!


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