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Janice the Hipster suggested Finch's for our last get-together before I left for Edmonton. This hip cafe is conveniently located on W Pender, not too far from the skytrain station. It's the perfect lunch spot for the crowd that works and hangs out in downtown. We arrived at the cafe shortly before lunchtime and managed to grab the last table available, then we took turns going up to the counter to order. Most of the options on the menu were baguettes with various fillings stuffed inside. I'm not much of a sandwich person, so I just got a pear and brie cheese plate ($8.50) with wheat crackers instead of toasted baguette. The presentation was really nice and the fruit was super fresh. I don't think I've ever had such sweet and delicious grapes before.

I ordered a masala chai ($3.45) to go with the cheese plate, but it was quite disappointing. First of all, the cup was filled to the brim and tea was flowing down the sides. I had to grab the wet and sticky cup at the counter and bring it back to the table, spilling even more tea in the process. The milky tea was very weak and didn't have much flavour. It wasn't comparable to the ones I've had at Indian restaurants.

Kirby ordered a pear and blue brie baguette ($8.95). After seeing it, I really wished I had ordered that instead despite my bias against sandwiches. It looked (and tasted) really nice with fresh apple slices, folds of tender prosciutto, crunchy walnuts and creamy blue brie. It was pretty much my cheese plate in baguette form.

Janice ordered something very similar — the baked blue brie baguette ($8.75). It was almost the same as Kirby's except for the lack of pear.

If I ever get the chance to come here again, I will definitely go for a baguette. The baguette sandwiches are Finch's specialty and they're worth a try.

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