Banana Leaf (Davie)

December 16, 2012
After watching the third and last installment of Nolan's Batman trilogy with Py, we met up with Kish at Banana Leaf on Davie for my official farewell dinner. Since we were all quite hungry and didn't want to pore over the extensive menu for ages, we just went with the tasting menu for 2 ($28/person) and asked them to make it for 3 instead. I thought this option was a bit pricy, but it was actually very good value as there was a LOT of food. The appetizer sampler consisted of 4 items. The first was an individual bowl of papaya and pineapple salad for each of us. We had no trouble polishing off the fresh fruits and greens.

The second appetizer was a chicken satay skewer each, served with a nutty and aromatic peanut sauce.

The third was my favourite Malaysian pancake — the roti canai. It was very authentic with a crispy exterior and fluffy layers.

Last but not least were steamed mussels in cumin and ginger. We really enjoyed these, but unfortunately there wasn't enough sauce, so they were a bit dry.

I ordered a super fruit smoothie ($7) to go with the food. I expected the drink to be creamy like a milkshake, but it was filled with bits of crushed ice like a slush. The ice detracted a lot from the flavour and the drink just tasted watered-down. In my opinion it was not worth the price.

Next up were 4 entrees: 3 meat and seafood dishes and 1 vegetarian dish. The vegetarian dish was sambal green bean, a delicious mix of stir-fried bean and tomato with a rich and aromatic spice.

My least favourite entree was the gulai scallops and prawns. I felt that the dominant taste of the curry covered up the flavour of the seafood.

The rendang beef curry was yet another rich and aromatic curry dish with a deeper flavour than the gulai.

The caramelized ginger black cod was my personal favourite because the slight sweetness in the savoury sauce made it less heavy and rich.

A decent portion of rice was served along with the entrees. We were all very full from the appetizers and entrees and could barely make room for dessert.

The pisang goreng was the perfect ending to the meal. Crispy fried bananas were paired with vanilla ice cream and fresh tart cranberries. A topping of crushed peanuts and palm sugar syrup completed this delicious dish.

We all walked out of the restaurant completely bloated. We could've done with less food, but it was good that we got to try a lot of different items including 4 appetizers, 4 entrees and a dessert. This meal was well worth the money and I would recommend giving it a try, especially for group dinners.

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