3 Valley Gap - Monashee Dining Room

December 17, 2012
The Three Valley Lake Chateau and adjacent Heritage Ghost Town are famous attractions near Revelstoke. The lake chateau is also a popular stopover between Vancouver and Calgary. Its signature red roof is recognizable from afar.

The hotel is located between the Three Valley Lake and Monashee Mountains with an extraordinary view.

We decided to grab some food at Monashee Family Dining Room, the restaurant attached to the hotel.

Our table was right beside the beautiful lake.

Contrary to the splendid view, the food was possibly the worst I've come across in years. The cream of corn ($3.59) was basically lukewarm canned soup with a ton of salt. It was so unusually salty that it was impossible to finish without downing a glass of water.

The fruits of the forest berry pie ($4.59) was a slightly better choice, but not by much. The thin and greasy crust was a crumbled mess, and the bottom of the pie was completely soggy from the juices of the filling.

The grilled cheese sandwich special ($6.79) was the most edible dish, but it's pretty hard to mess up a grilled cheese sandwich. The dish also came with a small cup of super salty cream soup.

In short, I definitely wouldn't eat here again. Next time I need to find food in the area, I'd rather look for a restaurant in Revelstoke.

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