Seto Sushi 瀨戶壽司

November 13, 2012
I used to go to Seto for the lunch specials, but eventually I got tired of the limited variety. There were a lot of choices on the menu, but most of them came with the typical salmon and tuna sashimi, California roll, sunomono and assorted tempura. Since I don't particularly like any of those items, I figured I had better and cheaper choices in Richmond instead of ordering from the regular menu. Though I must admit that the ingredients here, especially the sashimi, are usually really fresh. So when KH suggested dinner at Seto, I wasn't against the idea despite expecting the meal to cost a fortune. We went with the Seto sushi boat for two ($50) to limit the cost, but it turned out that neither of us were full from it. We started with a bowl of miso soup each.

Then we each had a small bowl of ebi sunomono. This was light and refreshing with small shrimps, seaweed, cucumber and carrot shreds in sweetened rice vinegar.

When the boat came, I thought there was a lot of food. But I quickly realized that this was simply an optical illusion because the boat was so big. The spread consisted of: 2 salmon sashimi, 2 tuna sashimi, 2 salmon nigiri, 2 tuna nigiri, salmon roll, California roll, 6 mini oysters, assorted tempura and fruits. The oysters were the highlight, simply because the garnishing was done well. The little shellfish themselves were so tiny that I felt like I was just eating the garnish. The rest of the selection was rather boring, but I did enjoy the freshness of the fish.

The ice cream was a disappointment. I chose green tea, still thinking of the rich and creamy scoops I had at Guu (Richmond) and Takifugu. But I knew it was a mistake when I saw the overly vibrant artificial green. There was no creaminess and definitely no real green tea flavour. I didn't try the mango that KH ordered, but he said it was a lot better.

Although I didn't have the best experience this time, I would still recommend this place for the fresh ingredients and generally tasty food. I just shouldn't have ordered the boat for two because the selection was too common and typical.

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