Subeez Cafe

Subeez is a casual cafe on the corner of Homer and Smithe. I was surprised at the large size of the restaurant since downtown real estate is known to be expensive.

Service was pretty good from the moment we sat down. I did not expect hot water to be served on a tray with a glass beaker and teacup setup.

The soy chai latte ($4.50) was similarly served on a tray with a glass of water that was probably meant for clearing the palate after the drink. The water on the side was a nice detail, but the latte tasted slightly weird due to an excess of foam and a lukewarm temperature. I think I know why it was lukewarm though, because the glass it was served in was not appropriate for hot drinks. In any case, soy tasted a bit weird with chai tea. Also the price was $4 on the menu, but it turned out to be $4.50 and this drink was not worth either price.

I haven't had mac and cheese for a while, so I opted for the truffle mac and cheese ($18). The portion was big and I didn't end up finishing it. The flavour was not bad and there were lots of mushroom slices and orange yam chunks inside. I found it a bit salty though and the cheese was very filling.

The spinach and quinoa salad ($9) sounded quite appealing with currants, preserved lemon and an orange tamarind dressing. I thought it would be a very fruity salad, but the currants were very small and dry, and I could barely detect the lemon and dressing. The chicken (+$6) was not tender at all, but there was a very subtle charred flavour.

The lamb dip au jus sandwich ($14) had pretty tender and tasty lamb slices. Unfortunately the au jus was pretty much flavourless.

Service was alright, but the food was not that great overall. Prices were not cheap either, so I wouldn't come back again.

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  1. This place sounds so familiar! I feel like I've heard of it somewhere before but can't figure out where! haha.. Looks yummy though. Although I must say $18 for mac n cheese is a little pricey!! :)

  2. @sweetsamsations: You probably saw it featured on a deal site! The place has been running a lot of promotions online. The mac and cheese was the best dish out of everything I've tried, but you're right, it's a bit too pricey.


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