Orange Corner (Kerrisdale)

I used to come to Orange Corner all the time with RC since she lived in Kerrisdale, but for some reason I have no recollection of the food and drinks there. It was just a convenient place to hang out after class, and having both Taiwanese food and crepes was a plus. Since I was in the area for dinner at Avenue Grill, I thought of this place and decided to come here for a dessert crepe.

I ordered a banana and nutella crepe ($6.50) for take-out and was worried that it would be messy to eat. But the cardboard held it up well and the texture of the crepe was quite firm due to its thickness. I liked how the crepe was soft and warm, yet firm enough to hold its shape. It wasn't too thin and floppy, yet it wasn't too thick and rubbery.

I looked at the guy make the crepe behind the take-out counter. He spread on the nutella first before folding the crepe in half. Then he put on the banana slices and folded both sides in so that the banana and nutella were in separate compartments. I liked it this way since it was a lot more convenient to eat and the banana slices weren't covered in gooey sauce.

At first I thought that $7+ (including tax) for a banana and nutella crepe was a bit expensive, but the crepe had great texture and taste. I also noticed that the guy who made it used a whole banana instead of just a few slices like at many other creperies. I will definitely drop by for crepes again in the future.

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  1. Of course, bananas are... 25c each. I agree with you though, places still skimp. Anything that improves the margin = profit!

  2. @pyaria: I've been to SO many crepe places that just use half a banana or less!


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