Legends Pub

June 18, 2012
I visited Legends Pub for a quick dinner before my recent trip and didn't get a chance to update the blog until now. I've passed by the pub many times, but wasn't motivated to give it a try until I saw it featured on Groupon. Most of the clientele seemed to be regulars and as a result, our table was largely ignored as the servers kept chatting with other customers. We started the meal with braised beef yorkies ($9) that were dry and very flat-tasting. The meat inside was flavourless, and the sauce was tasteless as well apart from being rather salty.

I thought the funky chicken salad ($12) would be good as it was just mixed greens with grilled chicken, cranberries, almonds and goat cheese. Indeed it was probably the best dish of the night, but it was far from delicious. The ingredients did not taste fresh and the chicken was flavourless.

I was hoping the dessert would make up for the previous dishes, but I knew that wouldn't be the case when I first laid eyes on the plain and unappetizing warm ginger caramel spice cake ($7.50). I found it absurd that I paid $7.50 for a lump of dough with no presentation and not even a hint of ginger or spices. The cake was relatively bland and it was drowning in a brown and sugary sauce that didn't have the rich flavour profile of caramel.

I was very disappointed with the meal as both the food and service were mediocre. And the prices were not even that cheap! I definitely would not be back again.

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  1. Blah. I could've told you not to go to Legends!

    It is the only bar within walking distance in its area, and it's been around for a while.. hence the loyal clientele despite everything.

  2. @pyaria: Ugh I only tried it because of the Groupon, but I wouldn't go again even if another deal comes up. Not even worth half the money.


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