Rowan's Roof

Rowan's Roof is an upstairs lounge located on top of Apple Farm Market, so it's easy to miss if you haven't been there before. There's a small stage on one end of the spacious restaurant where nightly performances take place. We saw a band setting up during our meal, but unfortunately we didn't get to see them play as we left just before the show.

We started with a pound of honey garlic chicken wings ($10). The sauce was not bad, but the wings were tiny and rather dry.

The single club house sandwich ($9) seemed like a safe choice, and for the most part it was alright. After all, it was just turkey and BLT. I knew the turkey was supposed to be a cold cut, but I hadn't expected it to taste like it had just come out of the fridge. The bread wasn't exactly warm either, so overall the dish wasn't as great as I had hoped. The yam fries were done pretty nicely though.

The butter chicken ($14) sauce was just a slightly tart and salty tomato sauce. I wasn't impressed with the taste and the flat flavour profile made the dish very boring.

The halibut burger with yam fries ($14) was probably the best choice, but it still wasn't up to par. I chose cajun over tandoori style for the halibut, which resulted in a rather salty piece of fish that was also quite dry in texture. The rest of the burger was alright, but how could you go wrong with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle? Luckily the side of yam fries was tasty.

I found the butter pecan fudge brownie ($5) rather disappointing. The description of a "moist, nutty, chocolaty brownie with vanilla ice cream" was very appealing, but that wasn't a very accurate description at all. The brownie just tasted like a typical store-bought one that had been warmed up. I didn't manage to find any pecans in there either.

I wouldn't recommend this place for the food, but I think it'd be a nice place to hang out with friends, enjoy a drink or two, and watch the nightly performances.

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