Burger King (Granville) - Whopper Meal

Believe it or not, I had never tasted a whopper sandwich prior to last Friday. In fact, I don't think I had ever eaten at a Burger King before that. But after watching the "whopper freakout" videos, I decided I had to give the famous burger a try.

Ok so I fell for the ad, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to try it once, especially with a $0.99 voucher for the whopper meal. The regular price is a whopping $6.99 which is more than I would ever pay for fast food. So here it is: the whopper sandwich with medium fries and a medium drink. I must be really out of the fast food loop because the medium fries looked more like a small to me. I think I heard something about North American fast food chains adjusting portion sizes in response to the issue of obesity and other health concerns. Sure, but that still looks like a small to me. One thing about the fries is that they had a very thick and starchy skin, so they stayed hot for a very long time. The flavour wasn't that great though, and I personally still prefer McDonald's fries.

In regard to the whopper, let's just say I might not have found it so bad if I hadn't watched the videos. I can't imagine why anyone would pay to eat this, let alone go crazy over its discontinuation. To each his/her own I suppose. The beef patty was extremely thin and dry. I had trouble believing it was flame-grilled because it really tasted no different from microwaved frozen patties.

In short, I will most likely never visit Burger King again. I think I'll stick to A&W for my fast food burger needs.

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