Snowbear Bakery 雪貝爾蛋糕制作坊

April 30, 2012
I first heard about Snowbear Bakery from Sab who told me it was a new Japanese bakery in Richmond. Not so, the place was Chinese-owned and operated as I found out from my investigation. I wasn't met with the best customer service when I went in for inquiries and prices were rather high, so I never thought I would try out the cakes here. But of course, they got me with a $15.99 (tax included) deal voucher for a 6-inch mango cake regularly priced at $32. Are you kidding me?! This little cake costs $32? Maxim sells the same thing for around $20! But I must say the mango slices on this cake look a whole lot better. They're a beautiful golden yellow and very juicy-looking, not sickly pale and dry like Maxim's.

As I cut into the cake, I knew the texture was just right because I could feel how very soft and airy the sponge cake was. The knife was met with almost no resistance and I was able to cut out picture-perfect slices. There was a very generous amount of mango both inside and outside. Mid-sized mango chunks were sandwiched between 3 fluffy layers of cake, and the whole cake was covered in large mango slices. There was also a generous amount of whipped cream. I ended up scraping most of it off since I'm not much of a fan, but cream lovers would definitely be happy. Even my mom, who doesn't like desserts much and especially dislikes cream, ended up eating 2 whole slices (big slices too!). The entire cake disappeared within minutes. So much for saving a slice for after dinner...

The cake was wrapped in this unassuming box with nothing on it other than a polar bear sticker. This proves you can't judge a cake by its box.

Perhaps it's because I haven't had this type of cake for a long time, but I really enjoyed it. Even so, I can't justify paying $32 for a 6-inch cake. I'm not saying the quality is not worth it, but I just don't love it enough to be willing to shell out that much. I'm definitely interested in trying some other items though, now that I have an idea of the level of quality here.

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  1. Wow! I've never heard of this bakery yet! Thanks for sharing dear! hehe.. Without reading, I can already tell that this is from a Chinese bakery! Mango cakes seem to be most popular in Chinese bakeries and the style has a "chinese bakery look". Usually lots of fruits all around + whipped cream + chocolate decorations. I'm a sucker for their cakes though! They're sweet and delicious but not cringingly sweet! :D

  2. @sweetsamsations: This bakery is relatively new. Haha I totally agree with the cake having a "Chinese bakery look". I'm usually not a fan of such cakes, especially since I don't like whipped cream, but I loved the sponge cake and the mango!


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