Outpost Mini Donut Co.

March 31, 2012
After lunch at Hog Shack and a cupcake with a steaming cup of cappucino at Bell's Bake Shop, Janice and I headed to our next stop in the lovely village of Steveston — Outpost Mini Donut Co. With this offer from Moeji, you can get a 10% discount on your order. Upon entering the small and easily overlooked store, we felt as if we had walked into somebody's living room. The furnishings seemed rather old and dusty, but the ambiance conveyed an unmistakable sense of comfort and coziness.

Behind the counter was an open kitchen that looked just like a typical household kitchen. The blackboards on the wall listed the prices and flavours clearly.

Traditional Flavours:
- cinnamon sugar
- powder sugar
- vanilla icing with sprinkles
- chocolate icing with sprinkles
- maple icing with sprinkles
Spring Seasonal Flavours:
- strawberry
- coconut
- lemon
1/2 dozen (6) - $3.95
baker's dozen (13) - $5.95

Since it was my first time there, I decided to get a baker's dozen of assorted donuts so that I could try all of the different flavours. Unfortunately maple icing and coconut were sold out, so I didn't get to try them. Perhaps next time!

After I placed my order, the lady behind the counter said that she would be making fresh cinnamon and powder sugar donuts. We watched eagerly as the donut machine started churning out hot and fresh mini donuts.

The donuts were soft and doughy with a dense cake-like texture. All of the flavours were tasty, but my personal favourite was the cinnamon sugar, a lovely mixture of powdery sweetness and the lingering fragrance of cinnamon. Classic flavours are the best! I also enjoyed the sweet-tart strawberry and lemon icing; the light and fruity taste truly reminded me of spring. The vanilla and chocolate icing were rather common though, so I probably wouldn't order them again.

The experience felt as though I had walked into a hospitable lady's home and were treated to warm donuts freshly made in her kitchen. This donut shop is a wonderful addition to Steveston and I'll definitely drop by next time I'm in the area.

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  1. These donuts are so cute!
    I seriously need to eat in Richmond more often (aside from Aberdeen & Parker Place).

  2. @Gloria: There are so many wonderful eateries in Richmond, and the best ones are usually not in the malls. You should come here more often and explore!

  3. I love those donuts! The maple is delicious, I hope you get to try it. They opened just before I moved, but this post served a great reminder to get some next time I'm in steveston.

  4. @Jess: I really wanted to try the maple! I'll definitely get some next time. Thanks for the recommendation!


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