Skyline Restaurant & Lounge

February 04, 2012
I didn't have high hopes for this seemingly shabby restaurant in the middle of the Tinseltown food court, but surprisingly the interior is very roomy and comfortable. There's a bar area in the front with small coffee tables and low plush chairs for casual chatting.

Beyond the bar area is an open space with booth seats along the wall and tables in the centre. The decor is minimalist, but clean and modern at the same time. Though the ambiance is nice, it's definitely not fancy enough for a romantic dinner or a special occasion.

None of the typical brunch items on the menu interested me, so I decided to get a starter of mini chicken tacos ($11). The tortilla was halfway between soft and hard which was a bit weird, but the meat and veggie filling with melted mozzarella was rich and flavourful. I also liked the tangy salsa with a nice spicy kick.

The special of the day was pappardelle with salami, mushrooms and a cajun tomato sauce ($9.95). The pasta was cooked to the perfect softness. The tomato sauce was very tangy and savoury, though I didn't taste much of a cajun flavour. There wasn't a lot of salami either, but I liked the overall flavour of this dish.

The signature beef dip ($10) was the least tasty choice. It was not bad, but the bread was too crusty and the roast beef was not flavourful enough.

I was happy with the quality of the food given the cheap prices. Service was friendly albeit a bit hectic. Since there was only one person working the floor, it took a while for us to get seated. Then our bill was mixed up with the table beside ours. We asked to get it fixed, but once again there was a mistake on the bill (an additional item we didn't order). The food and service was not the best, but I think this place offers a good no-frills dining experience.

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